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Beacon Drug Addiction Treatment

Beacon Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

Beacon provides multiple health insurance plans to employers, government organizations, and labor organizations. They have over forty million clients and provide services to over two hundred sixty organizations.

You can use Beacon addiction treatment coverage toward the cost of addiction services and mental health treatment. However, coverage only applies if you get help at a Beacon drug addiction treatment center in Michigan, like Liberty House. How much of your Michigan Beacon drug rehab is covered and for how long is based on the policy you have.

If you have Beacon, let our team help you find the right Beacon Michigan drug and alcohol rehab program today. 

Liberty House Recovery is a drug treatment center in Michigan offering comprehensive detox and inpatient treatment.

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Treatment Services

Detox Center in Michigan

Heal your body from drugs & alcohol.
Safely detox from drugs & alcohol surrounded by expert medical staff.
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Residential Treatment

Treating your mind & spirit.
Our residential program offers you an escape from the chains of addiction.
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Unique Therapies

Truly individualized care, just for you.
We utilize effective therapies that focus on the root causes of addiction.
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Substance Abuse

Identify the signs & symptoms.
Explore the signs, symptoms & treatment options for drug addiction.
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Treating your mind & spirit.
Our residential program offers you an escape from the chains of addiction.
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Truly individualized care, just for you.
We utilize effective therapies that focus on the root causes of addiction.
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Types of Beacon Plans

Your coverage for Michigan Beacon drug rehab is based on your plan. Some of their common plans include:

  • Beacon Behavioral
  • Beacon Care Services
  • Beacon Wellbeing
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Beacon Wellbeing: Student Assistance Program
Beacon Behavioral

Beacon Behavioral is a plan that offers Beacon addiction treatment coverage, including residential services, assessments, case management, therapy, and medications.

This service also encourages a full continuum of care, including coverage for ongoing outpatient services and therapy after you leave our facility.

Beacon Health Options

You can start detox at a Beacon Michigan drug and alcohol rehab center using the Beacon Health Options coverage. This is a new value-based payment system for medication-assisted treatment.

Call our team at 1-866-686-0319 for a free consultation and learn more about how our luxury drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Michigan can help you overcome addiction. 

Detox Services at Our Michigan Beacon Drug Rehab Center

Beacon addiction treatment coverage extends to detox services, including medication-assisted treatment for alcoholism or opioid addiction. This includes coverage for detox services, medication during detox, and ongoing support. 

Liberty House specializes in multiple levels of detox, including MAT for severe addiction. We are a licensed medical facility able to provide FDA-approved medications and other prescription medications during the course of your detox. 

How Long is Detox at a Michigan Beacon Drug Rehab Center?

The timeline for detox will vary not just from one drug to another but from one person to another. When reviewing an average withdrawal symptoms list, for example, what you experience and how severe each symptom might be is different from someone else addicted to the same substance. Similarly, your detox timeline can vary because of the substances as well as your physical and mental health.

  • Withdrawal symptoms can appear within a matter of hours after your last dose or several days.
  • The average detox timeline varies from a few days to a week. 

Start your Michigan Beacon drug rehab and detox today with Liberty House.


Residential Care at Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

Beacon insurance policies generally cover the cost of residential treatment, but your specific policy might limit how long you can get coverage. This is something we can help you determine when we review your benefits for you. Most coverage is for a stay of up to ninety days at a Beacon drug addiction treatment center in Michigan, so long as the center is an in-network facility. 

During your stay at our Beacon drug addiction treatment center in Michigan, you may receive medications and therapy as part of your treatment. 

Our team will provide a customized recovery plan that integrates things like medications for co-occurring disorders or during detox as well as individual and group therapy. For many clients, family therapy is an effective complement to individual therapy. Family therapy has been shown to increase treatment participation and improve long-term recovery. 

Beacon health insurance covers the costs of medications you might receive as well as therapy, but there are limits to the coverage based on your plan. 

We are a fully licensed medical facility specializing in residential care, detox services, dual diagnosis services, and aftercare planning. Whether your insurance covers all or part of your treatment, we design programs that help you feel safe and supported. Our team is here to answer any questions you have, including the extent to which your health insurance can be applied to the cost of treatment, what you can expect during your intake process, and how we prepare you for aftercare. 

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How to Get Help

Addiction doesn’t take a day off and neither do we. Liberty House Recovery is available day & night to help navigate you through the pre-admissions process and your personal options for treatment at our program. We work with most major PPO & POS insurance carriers which can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment. 

1. Getting to Know You

Our first step is to get to know you and your personal situation. The best way to contact us is to call, text, chat, or via webform.

2. Free Evaluation

Once you reach out, one of our caring treatment coordinators will reach out to discuss your personal options in treatment.

3. Start Your Journey

Once we verify your benefits and coverage, our admissions team will help with everything you need to prepare for treatment at our program.


Dual-Diagnosis Beacon Addiction Treatment Coverage

Dual diagnosis refers to situations where a client has a substance abuse disorder and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our facility treats both through our dual diagnosis treatment plans, incorporating additional therapy and medication designed to treat both. Your Beacon insurance will cover most costs of dual diagnosis treatment. 

This means things like antidepressants, something likely covered by your policy, to treat acute or chronic symptoms of a depressive disorder or anti-anxiety medications for clients with an anxiety disorder. 

Beacon the need for medical integration coverage, treating you as a whole person, not just treating the physical addiction. This can extend to physical and psychological changes that may have occurred because of substance abuse or mental health disorders, mental health treatment, and ongoing psychological services. 

Struggling with mental health issues? Let our team find out whether dual diagnosis is best for you. 

What to Expect From Liberty House Beacon Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

With Liberty House, we understand that getting help for substance abuse can be intimidating. It takes a great deal of courage to agree to a residential program. But we work hard to ensure you know what to expect with drug and alcohol rehab

Insurance Verification

To figure out which services and treatments are covered at a Beacon Michigan drug and alcohol rehab center, you can:

  • Find your annual summary of benefits and find the information yourself
  • Try and call Beacon customer service to get help understanding what is covered by your policy and where
  • Or let Liberty House do it for you

Our facility accepts your insurance plan, but it can be difficult to know exactly what parts of your care are covered by your health insurance. That’s why we have a team of specialists who can review your benefits and break down the costs you can expect out of pocket, if any.


We provide free consultations and assessments to determine which level of care is most appropriate for your situation. We will learn more about you, your background, and your current situation and recommend a customized program with the most appropriate form of detox, therapy, and/or medication. 

We can work with you to see how long your beacon policy provides residential care, and if you need ongoing care after that, we can help you during your aftercare planning. Our aftercare planning services occur near the end of your residential stay and facilitate a transition back to your daily life, with access to outpatient resources and support groups in your local area.

Call Liberty House today at 1-866-686-0319 for a free consultation. 

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