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Cigna Drug Addiction Treatment

Cigna Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

Cigna offers a wide range of health insurance plans for individuals and families. Your plan might be something offered through your employer. Regardless, there are several levels of coverage, each of which has different out-of-pocket requirements for Cigna Michigan drug and alcohol rehab services.

Liberty House can help you determine how much you must pay out of pocket before starting treatment. Call our admissions team today to verify your coverage and learn more about how our luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Michigan can help you overcome addiction.

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Detox Center in Michigan

Heal your body from drugs & alcohol.
Safely detox from drugs & alcohol surrounded by expert medical staff.
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Residential Treatment

Treating your mind & spirit.
Our residential program offers you an escape from the chains of addiction.
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Unique Therapies

Truly individualized care, just for you.
We utilize effective therapies that focus on the root causes of addiction.
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Substance Abuse

Identify the signs & symptoms.
Explore the signs, symptoms & treatment options for drug addiction.
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Treating your mind & spirit.
Our residential program offers you an escape from the chains of addiction.
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Truly individualized care, just for you.
We utilize effective therapies that focus on the root causes of addiction.
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Cigna Plan Types

Cigna addiction treatment coverage is based on the type of plan you have. Cigna provides individual, family, and employer plans, which can be HMOs, EPOs, POSs, or PPOs. In general, most HMOs and PPOs are broken down into four categories:


The first plan is the least expensive and requires paying forty percent of your Cigna Michigan drug and alcohol rehab services out of pocket.


This next level requires you to pay thirty percent of your Michigan Cigna drug rehab services out of pocket.


With the gold plan, you have a high monthly premium, but you only pay twenty percent out of pocket for any services you receive at a Cigna drug addiction treatment center in Michigan.


This is the most expensive plan with the highest monthly premium, but Cigna covers ninety percent of all services you receive, so you only have to pay for the remaining ten percent.

Call Liberty House to learn more about what your plan covers and where you can get help. Liberty House Recovery is a drug treatment center in Michigan that can help.

Finding a Cigna Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

HMOs require that you choose services from in-network facilities. If you pick facilities like Liberty House, the costs of care are generally lower, which means the forty percent you have to pay out of pocket is also lower. EPOs let you choose services and Cigna Michigan drug and alcohol rehab from within the existing network; if you go outside, services are not covered. POSs give you cheaper care in-network, but you must get a referral from your primary care physician to get Cigna addiction treatment coverage for drug and alcohol rehab services. PPOs have the most extensive network of providers and don’t require any referrals to start Michigan Cigna drug rehab. 

Don’t wait to get help. Call us today for your free consultation. 

lenght of treatment

Length of Cigna Michigan Drug and Alcohol Rehab

You have control over the length of your treatment. Cigna addiction treatment coverage requires approval for a specific length of time, usually in thirty-day increments. At the end of that time frame, Cigna will evaluate your progress and determine if additional services are needed. If they are, you may be able to continue receiving ongoing care under your policy. 

Now is the best time to reach out

How to Get Help

Addiction doesn’t take a day off and neither do we. Liberty House Recovery is available day & night to help navigate you through the pre-admissions process and your personal options for treatment at our program. We work with most major PPO & POS insurance carriers which can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment. 

1. Getting to Know You

Our first step is to get to know you and your personal situation. The best way to contact us is to call, text, chat, or via webform.

2. Free Evaluation

Once you reach out, one of our caring treatment coordinators will reach out to discuss your personal options in treatment.

3. Start Your Journey

Once we verify your benefits and coverage, our admissions team will help with everything you need to prepare for treatment at our program.

detox treatment

Detox at Our Cigna Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

Cigna Michigan drug and alcohol rehab services start with detox. Detox is essential to getting clean, but the length of detox can vary based on the substances to which you are addicted. If you struggle with addiction to multiple substances, your detox timeline can be a little over one week.

Why Use Professional Detox Services at our Cigna Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

Liberty House detox services are a much safer alternative compared to trying to quit cold turkey. The phrase ‘cold turkey’ refers to the chills often associated with withdrawal symptoms, particularly for heroin withdrawal, but today we use it to refer to any attempt at detox that’s done alone, at your house.

Our professional detox services can help you manage your withdrawal symptoms by weaning you off your substance, providing medications to keep you more comfortable, monitoring your vitals, and preventing severe health complications. We are a licensed facility, so we can offer medical services other centers cannot. 

Substances like opioids and alcohol come with severe health risks during your detox, but those risks can be mitigated with FDA-approved medications. Similarly, long after detox, certain substances like cocaine can have lasting cravings for up to six months, but FDA-approved medications can help prevent a relapse by curbing your cravings.

The right Treatment For You

Dual Diagnosis Services

Dual diagnosis coverage applies to detox services, medication, and therapy. You can receive dual diagnosis services at a Cigna drug addiction treatment center in Michigan. Again, the type of plan you have will influence what percentage of your overall costs you must pay out of pocket, but some aspects of treatment, like basic therapy sessions for mental health disorders or medication for mental health disorders, might be covered entirely based on your policy.

Liberty House specializes in dual diagnosis services, providing residential care for multiple combinations, including:

  • Alcoholism and depression
  • Benzodiazepines and anxiety
  • Alcoholism or opioids and PTSD
  • Prescription drug and alcohol addiction and bipolar disorder

Let our team help you decide if dual diagnosis services are right for you. 

Levels of Care for Michigan Cigna Drug Rehab

Once you complete the detox process, you will continue with whichever level of care you decided upon originally. Each level of care in recovery is designed as a step-down approach. A step-down approach means you can transition down each step as you progress; if you have a relapse, you can always move back up a step before progressing.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

The two primary options for levels of care are divided into inpatient care or residential treatment and outpatient care. Neither is better than the other. Residential or inpatient treatment is a higher level of care with a more demanding schedule and twenty-four-hour supervision.

If you think of recovery and the step-down approach as a ladder, inpatient care is at the highest rung. At Liberty House, we specialize in this top level of care, with doctors, nurses, counselors, and other staff on-site twenty-four hours per day. Whenever you need help, someone is there for you. 

Ready to start your recovery? Call Liberty House at 1-866-686-0319 for a free and confidential consultation.

How to Get Help with Liberty House Cigna Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

With Liberty House, you can get help today. We make things easy. We work with most major health insurance providers, which can significantly reduce the cost of care

With Liberty House, we take some time to get to know you. We want to learn a bit about your situation via call, text, or chat. This helps us determine which of our programs and services fit your circumstances well. 

We help you start your path to recovery by verifying the insurance coverage you have and the benefits it provides. Then we provide a free evaluation to discuss the best options for you. Finally, our team prepares you for everything else you might need to start your treatment.

Let Liberty House help you start your path to recovery. Call us now to learn more about the signs of substance abuse and treatment options near you.

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