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Medically-Supervised Drug & Alcohol

Substance Abuse Treatment
in Michigan

Helping You Overcome Addiction

Introduction to Addiction

Addiction, whether to alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs, touches the lives of thousands of Americans each year. The impact addiction has on families, friends, and the greater community is significant. Across the nation, more than twenty-one million Americans struggle with at least one addiction, but less than ten percent will ever receive substance abuse treatment. More than ninety percent of those who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol started experimenting with substances before the age of eighteen, and over half a million Americans have died due to drug overdose in the last decade. The cost of addiction is substantial, but with comprehensive treatment, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

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Substance Abuse
Treatment Services

Detox Center in Michigan

Heal your body from drugs & alcohol.
Safely detox from drugs & alcohol surrounded by expert medical staff.
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Residential Treatment

Treating your mind & spirit.
Our residential program offers you an escape from the chains of addiction.
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Unique Therapies

Truly individualized care, just for you.
We utilize effective therapies that focus on the root causes of addiction.
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Substance Abuse

Identify the signs & symptoms.
Explore the signs, symptoms & treatment options for drug addiction.
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Treating your mind & spirit.
Our residential program offers you an escape from the chains of addiction.
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Truly individualized care, just for you.
We utilize effective therapies that focus on the root causes of addiction.
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Why Do I Need a Detox Program?

What is Addiction?

At one time, addiction was viewed as a choice. In society and across much of the medical community, it was believed that those who struggled with addiction did so voluntarily. These misguided views led to significant stigma and fear surrounding addiction and addiction treatment. Fortunately, time and understanding have changed how addiction is seen. It is now understood to be a complex condition that significantly impacts the brain and all body systems. Regardless of their substance of choice, someone who struggles with an addiction has an intense, overwhelming focus on obtaining and using drugs or alcohol. The focus (desire, craving) is so strong that it inevitably overtakes the addict’s life and their ability to function or focus on anything outside of substance seeking and using. Unfortunately, they will continue to use drugs or alcohol despite knowing there are negative consequences to their physical and psychological health. 

Addiction is an illness that is not restricted by demographic. It does not care about age, race, religion, economic stability, or social standing. There are many different substances one can become addicted to, and each substance has unique effects on the brain and body as well as the individual who uses drugs or alcohol. There are, however, common effects that present with most substances and those typically affect how the reward center in the brain functions. Eventually, with ongoing and increasing substance use, the brain struggles to feel joy and pleasure without the artificial reward stimulation brought on by substance use. Needing to use more and more of a substance to feel happiness is known as tolerance. Increased tolerance is a sign of addiction and without proper addiction treatment is an indicator of a level of use that could lead to overdose. 

Symptoms of Addiction

Signs Someone is Abusing
Drugs & Alcohol

The signs someone is abusing drugs or alcohol may be different from person to person. They will also vary depending on that person’s substance of choice. Although many substances produce effects unique to the nature of the drug, there are several common indicators that are seen regardless of substance. Some of the most common include new or worsening challenges at home, school, or work, alterations in behavior, changes to physical appearance, appetite changes, weight changes (typically weight loss), lack of energy, new or worsening financial and legal troubles, and defensiveness when asked about substance use. Alcohol addiction shares many common symptoms to those seen with drug abuse. Other symptoms you may notice related to alcohol may be lack of control over how much one drinks, continuing to drink despite adverse effects related to alcohol, preferring to drink alone, mood swings, and other emotional disturbances (especially when unable to drink or abstaining from alcohol). 

Many of these symptoms are indeed distressing and upsetting when they happen to a loved one. It is important to remember that while in the clutches of addiction, they may not realize or be ready to admit they have a problem with substances. It is important to help in any way you can while realizing it can sometimes take time for someone to acknowledge their struggles. The hardest part of starting the journey to recovery is taking the first step. At our Michigan treatment center, we are here to help. 

Say Goodbye to drugs & alcohol for good

Options at Our Substance Abuse Treatment in Michigan

At our boutique-style Michigan drug rehab, we provide evidence-based substance abuse treatment programs uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs. We understand that addiction is not created equal and that each person who struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol Will live that experience differently. We specialize in treatments that include inpatient detox and inpatient residential treatment. In our peaceful, tranquil setting, you will be immersed in therapy designed to help you understand the roots of your addiction and learn more about how to move forward in a sober and healthy way. Inpatient treatment is often less between 30 and 120 days, depending on your needs. Our comprehensive treatment programs include classic therapeutic techniques such as psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, group counseling, family counseling, and support groups. In addition to these proven successful addiction treatment methods, we also provide various alternative therapies such as art therapy, adventure therapy, exercise therapy, and mindfulness practices. 

As the end of treatment does not mark the end of your sobriety journey, we also will work with you to ensure you have a strong aftercare plan in place before leaving rehab. Aftercare is essential to continued sobriety and recovery for many recovering addicts. Participating in ongoing support groups and ongoing therapy sessions with your provider can help you practice and reinforce the coping skills learned during treatment. In addition, it also provides the opportunity to interact with a group of like-minded peers who are supportive of your sobriety. Groups and Contacts such as these can be essential when faced with stressful situations or triggering events that inevitably will occur along the way. 

We specialize in supporting those recovering from opioid addiction. We treat those suffering from addiction to illegal opioids  like heroin and fentanyl, as well as prescription drugs like oxycodone. Medical detox and subsequent mental support including in-depth therapy to address the underlying causes of addiction.

If you are concerned about a loved one or you need help to overcome prescription drug abuse or dependency, it is essential to seek help early. We can work with you (or your loved one) to develop a course of treatment that can help you put a dependency on potentially dangerous substances in the past.

Heroin is an opioid that is derived from the opium poppy plant. It is an illegal substance that is highly addictive and brings with it a lot of side effects and a high risk of overdose. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, knowing the heroin detox timeline can help put into perspective the process of withdrawal and recovery.

With years of experience in the field of drug addiction and mental health, we understand the complexities of meth addiction and utilized an integrated approach in treating your addiction.

While many people feel benzos are “safe” because a doctor prescribes them, they have a potential to be misused—and people can become dependent and even addicted to these medications. We will work closely with you in designing a treatment plan perfectly suited for your needs.

Now is the best time to reach out

How to Get Help

Addiction doesn’t take a day off and neither do we. Liberty House Recovery is available day & night to help navigate you through the pre-admissions process and your personal options for treatment at our program. We work with most major PPO & POS insurance carriers which can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment. 

1. Getting to Know You

Our first step is to get to know you and your personal situation. The best way to contact us is to call, text, chat, or via webform.

2. Free Evaluation

Once you reach out, one of our caring treatment coordinators will reach out to discuss your personal options in treatment.

3. Start Your Journey

Once we verify your benefits and coverage, our admissions team will help with everything you need to prepare for treatment at our program.

Benefits of Our World-Class Programming

What Makes Our Addiction Treatment Specialists Different?

At Liberty House, we want to help anyone who seeks addiction treatment achieve their sobriety goals. Whether an addiction to opioids, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, or any other drug, we are here to help you defeat addiction. At our substance abuse treatment in Michigan, I, we understand that everyone brings with them their own fears, history, and concerns surrounding addiction treatment. Because each patient is unique, and each addiction is unique, it is essential to create individualized treatment plans that address both your addiction and you as a person. Recovery is not easy, and it requires support, dedication, and commitment from your treatment team. Our addiction treatment staff are committed to your recovery. We will support you and your family throughout all stages of the treatment process, beginning with detox and “ending” with aftercare planning. 

Don't Wait Another Day & Get Help Now

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there is no better time than today to take the first steps toward sobriety. At Liberty House in Michigan, we understand that each patient who turns to us for care and support is more than the addiction they face. Our team of professional staff members is highly trained and experienced in addiction treatment and support. Through individualized addiction treatment programs, we are here to support you as you pursue sobriety. We offer private and shared rooms in addition to a host of amenities (jacuzzi, saunas, movie theater, spa) not found in many addiction treatment centers. If it’s time to seek addiction treatment, let the staff at our inpatient substance abuse center in Michigan guide you through these first and most challenging steps. 

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