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For many years’ addiction was viewed as a conscious choice. It was believed that those who turned to drugs or alcohol did so voluntarily. Along with this belief came the belief that if an addict “truly wanted to quit,” they could easily do so. These harmful beliefs stretched beyond the friends and loved ones of those struggling with addiction into society and the medical community. These misconceptions have caused many who struggle with addiction to avoid seeking treatment due to fear of perception and stigma. Each year over twenty million Americans struggle with an addiction to at least one substance. Of those, less than ten percent will ever seek or receive essential and possibly life-saving addiction treatment. 

Fortunately, with time and education, the belief systems surround addiction and addiction treatment has evolved. Today it is well understood that addiction is a disease. It is a complex condition that results in significant physical changes to the brain both in structure and function. Someone who struggles with an addiction has an intense focus on using or obtaining a particular substance or substances such as alcohol or drugs. This focus persists to the point where it eventually impacts the addict’s ability to function without using or drinking. Unfortunately, they will continue to use alcohol or drugs even when they are well aware of the adverse consequences that come with their use. In many cases, choosing not to seek addiction treatment results in chronic and potentially dangerous drug and alcohol use.

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