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A Personalized Experience in Treatment

What to Expect

The Healing & Serenity You Deserve

A Personalized Experience in Addiction Treatment

Our mission at Liberty House Recovery Center is to offer a fresh perspective on effective alcohol and substance abuse treatment here in Fenton, Michigan. Our team is dedicated to address the many factors that contribute to addiction by tailoring our evidence-based, multifaceted program to each unique individual that enters our care. The facility, located on 34-acres of serene and natural beauty, offers expertise from a variety of specialties, including doctors, therapists, counselors, nurses, coaches, and case managers. Personal chefs, house keeping, and drivers are available to every client to lighten any burden and minimize distractions while one focuses on healing. Each one of our staff members are dedicated to transforming lives by delivering confidential, effective, and compassionate care with integrity and accountability.

Subacute Detox

We provide separate quarters with the safety of 24/7 medical monitoring and intervention to allow the important first-step of detoxifying from alcohol and other substances to take place. Medication- assistance is available on a case-by-case basis to allow clients to overcome this often uncomfortable period so that they may fully immerse themselves in the drug and alcohol treatment process.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Our medical director, with over thirty years of experience as a practicing psychiatrist, is well-versed in all areas of psychiatry to allow effective dual-diagnosis treatment and management. This experience combines with his complimentary background in neurology, which gives unique advantages to helping these individuals. Previous literature has consistently found that those diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder are 4-5 times more likely to fit the criteria for other co-occurring mental disorders (Kessler et al., 2005). Since the causal relationship between co-occurring mental disorders is still under review, our treatment team finds it imperative to manage mental disorders that may contribute to one’s addiction.

Aftercare Planning

Our team recognizes that a robust and individualized aftercare plan is essential for the maintenance of long-term sobriety. During every client’s time at Liberty House, they will work with our team to develop a comprehensive relapse prevention plan. Our program emphasizes practices that aim to enhance family interrelationships, as well as bolster outside social support systems, the use of alternative coping techniques, and positive mind-body-lifestyle changes that extend beyond their time at Liberty House so that the goal of long-term sobriety can be achieved.

Our Amenities

Our Unique Therapies

The Liberty House Difference

Expert & Evidence-Based

Our In-Depth Treatment Services

Liberty House Recovery Center offers a range of clinical and holistic services to support every client on their journey of long-lasting recovery. Below is an overview of some of the services that we commonly utilize. Each evidence-based approach is specifically designed to encourage mind, body, and lifestyle healthy practices.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT aims to modify maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be contributing to unhealthy lifestyles and negatives states. This highly supported evidence-based treatment has been shown to be effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, and a variety of other mental health concerns. The goal of this approach is to equip clients with cognitive skills to help them overcome problems in the present and in the future.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

This evidence-based approach focuses on four specific factors that may contribute to substance use and abuse: emotional regulation, distress tolerance, problem-solving skills, and mindfulness. There is a manual that accompanies this treatment that often involves various practical exercises and readings. DBT has been proven effective in the treatment of co-occuring disorders that involve mood regulation, trauma, and helps strengthen the practical skills necessary for sustained recovery.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy

This practice, which includes mindful meditation, has been shown to reduce the effects of stress resulting in a wide range of benefits. It aims to strengthen feelings of self-compassion and enhance one’s sense of purpose and meaning. Practically, this approach is shown to improve the management of cravings and triggers, as well as strengthen one’s resilience to negative emotional states.

Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT)

The belief behind ACT is that a more fulfilled life can be attained by overcoming negative thoughts and feelings. The goal of ACT is to help clients consistently choose to act effectively (concrete behaviors as defined by their values) in the presence of difficult or disruptive “private” (cognitive or psychological) events. The acronym ACT has also been used to describe what takes place in therapy: accept the effects of life’s hardships, choose directional values, and take action.

Family Systems Therapy (FST)

This approach aims to help individuals resolve problems in the context of their family units, where many issues are likely to begin. Each family member works together to better understand their group dynamic and how each individual’s actions influence the family unit as a whole. The premise behind FST is that what happens to one member of a family happens to everyone in the family.

Concepts Utilized from Other Therapeutic Approaches

Techniques to facilitate the use of the client’s own inherent inner resources to enhance self-realization and self-awareness.

Techniques that aim to modify the client’s belief system so that a healthier belief system foundation can strengthen one’s resilience to stressful life events.

Concepts that aim to address symptoms by modifying maladaptive thoughts and behaviors between the client and the client’s social circle. IPT techniques focus on improving relationships and relationship-related stressors.

Emphasizes actively and personally engaging with clients to increase awareness, awareness skills, freedom, and self-direction.

A perspective that aims to help the client explore concepts of “self” to facilitate meaning and understanding.

*Outside referrals may be recommended for specialists (EMDR specialists, psychoneurologists, etc.) on a case-by-case basis with the consent of the client.

Now is the best time to reach out

How to Get Help

Addiction doesn’t take a day off and neither do we. Liberty House Recovery is available day & night to help navigate you through the pre-admissions process and your personal options for treatment at our program. We work with most major PPO & POS insurance carriers which can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment. 

1. Getting to Know You

Our first step is to get to know you and your personal situation. The best way to contact us is to call, text, chat, or via webform.

2. Free Evaluation

Once you reach out, one of our caring treatment coordinators will reach out to discuss your personal options in treatment.

3. Start Your Journey

Once we verify your benefits and coverage, our admissions team will help with everything you need to prepare for treatment at our program.

Individualized Care Just for You.

An Experience in Healing & Recovery

Here at Liberty House Recovery we provide a variety of amenities and therapies that help our clients throughout their journey to healing and wellness.

Acupuncture (AcuDetox)

AcuDetox is a well-established method of acupuncture that is shown to reduce cravings for alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs, as well as reduce symptoms associated with withdrawal. By targeting specific pressure points of the ear, AcuDetox can be used in conjunction with mindfulness-based techniques to help control anxiety and promote calmness, energy, and concentration.

Outside Meetings

Our program that aims to support a healthier mind, body, and lifestyle incorporates introducing clients to a variety of outside meetings, such as AA, NA, Refuge recovery, and SMART recovery. Although Liberty House Recovery Center is not a 12-Step based recovery facility, our goal is to introduce each client to a variety of meetings to help facilitate community involvement and a supportive social circle to reinforce healthy behaviors once their stay at Liberty House Recovery Center comes to an end.


Gentle physical yoga practices will bring steadiness to the mind and facilitate detoxification of the body. Regular yoga exercises is associated with reduced stress, enhanced personal awareness, and relaxation.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional counseling is available to assess your current dietary needs and to assist you with establishing a healthy nutritional regimen that supports your recovery.

Massage, Salon, Personal Trainer, and Other Holistic Services

Liberty House Recover Center offers a range of holistic amenities and techniques that are designed to reduce stress and facilitate the successful management of negative emotional states. Each client has the opportunity to request additional and private services offered at our facility.

Additional Amenities

Evidence supports that a safe and comfortable atmosphere serves to minimize distractions so that each client can effectively focus on their own unique combination of underlying problems that may be contributing to addiction. Our comprehensive list of amenities are offered on a private yet accessible property that sits on 34 acres of outstanding natural beauty, specifically designed to promote serenity and healing.

Common Questions & Answers


These are just some of the common questions we see from potential clients like yourself.

The short, simple answer is yes. Detoxification is when withdrawal symptoms are medically-managed through a variety of techniques and medications. 

Rehab is the clinical treatment of substance, which can take place in a residential or outpatient setting. Here at Liberty House Recovery we offer detoxification and residential treatment at our program in Michigan.

Whether you are a local resident or traveling in from outside of Michigan, Liberty House Recovery Center offers you a full experience in substance abuse treatment. From the first call to arranging travel or arranging a sober companion to travel with you we are here to help you every step of the way.

During your first 24 hours in treatment at Liberty House Recovery, you can expect to meet with our intake coordinator and nursing staff, who will help ensure you are medically stable within the first 24 hours. 

Liberty House Recovery works with most major insurance carriers who offer out-of-network coverage, typically a PPO or POS insurance plan. We also offer affordable self-pay rates. To learn more please fill out the form on this page and we will contact you shortly.

Liberty House Recovery offers Medication-Assisted Therapy on a case by case basis per the clinical teams recommendations. Contact us to learn more about the treatment options that best fit your personal needs in recovery.

Studies have shown that inpatient and outpatient treatment, when combined show the best results when seeking treatment for substance abuse.

The typical answer is no, however some states allow for mandated treatment through a court process. In Michigan, where Liberty House Recovery is located does, we do have involuntary commitment laws that can assist with getting a person help for substance abuse, even if they refuse.

Yes! Here at Liberty House Recovery, we encourage family participation in the treatment and recovery process. We offer family therapy, workshops and events that encourage the family to heal together.

Once you complete treatment at Liberty House Recovery, we will ensure you are set up with an aftercare plan that fits your personal needs. From outpatient treatment, to individual counseling to sober living options, we are with you every step of the way.

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