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Stories of Hope

Liberty House Recovery Center provides our expertise and insight to the media and others on their recovery journey. Whether discussing the connection of substance abuse and mental health, sharing steps of recovery or describing what to expect at a treatment center, our experts wish to spark hope that a healthy, productive life without addiction is possible.

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Liberty House Recovery Center is a fully licensed, 13-bed inpatient medical facility with a psychiatrist, nurse practitioners, therapists, registered nurses and medical personnel available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

The luxury center is located on a 34-acre country estate in Fenton, Michigan, 60 miles northwest of Detroit. Once home to lawyer and land speculator William M. Fenton in the mid-1800s, Liberty House’s elegant manor house and modern additions combine the concierge-level feel of a boutique hotel with top-tier medical treatment.

Liberty House Recovery center was founded in 2022 by CEO Dr. Susan Abed. With personal experience assisting with recovery of others and 30+ years working with patients, Dr. Abed realized the Midwest lacked a California-style recovery center with a goal to:

Recovery at Liberty House is supported with a private chef, private and semi-private rooms, woodland walking paths, yoga and sauna areas, a salon, computer lab, game room and gym, computer lab and WiFi accessibility, as well as spaces for group therapy or one-on-one counseling. Liberty House offers a flexible device policy, based on individual needs, including work accommodation.

Medical staff is able to care for guests from initial detoxification with the most advanced pharmacological and psychological support to the families through family counseling with the goal of building family trust and rebuilding an addiction-free lifestyle. Programs typically last around 30 days but can be custom-tailored to specific needs. Liberty House Recovery Center works with most major insurance carriers as well as self-paying guests. The Admissions Team is available 24-7 to assist those seeking help, including transportation or a travelling companion, if needed. And, always, privacy and discretion is key. 

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Dr. Susan Abed
Founder & CEO

As a valued and active member of Michigan’s dynamic community for over 25 years, Dr. Abed has spent her life practicing compassion and using her expertise to help both children and adults grow their self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. These years have given her much joy but have also highlighted the affliction of addiction within her community and beyond that has seemed to touch every individual, in one way or another. Dr. Abed has developed this project to extend her passion for helping people and has created a strong team that shares her goal of providing individualized, compassionate, and effective care for the people and their families touched by alcohol and substance use. By bringing the latest and most advanced evidence-based therapies to Michigan, Dr. Abed not only wants every client to achieve happiness through long-lasting sobriety but to also help reduce the stigma associated with addiction and other mental health problems.

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Dr. Wisam Salman, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Salman received his medical degree from the University of Mosul and completed his psychiatric residency at Michigan State’s Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies. He has done extensive work in areas of community public health, substance abuse, mood disorders, depression, and schizophrenia. Since 2009, Dr. Salman has been pursuing his passion for helping substance use disorder afflicted individuals and their families within the Michigan community and beyond. He is passionate about addressing all factors that contribute to one’s substance use disorder and recognizes the need for unique and individualized care for every patient for effective results. Dr. Salman’s guidance for evidence-based practices that encompasses a mind-body-lifestyle approach has been an instrumental part in developing the program at Liberty House Recovery Center.

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Brandee Wiseman
Co-Founder / COO

Brandee has been an instrumental part of the development of Liberty House Recovery Center since the beginning. Her journey began with owning and operating an orthotic clinic for over 16 years, focusing on the integration of good management and the health sector. Over the years, witnessing family and friends struggle with drug and alcohol use has given her a strong passion for Liberty House Recovery Center and doing her part to help the community. Brandee strives to use her expertise in operations management and health care administration combined with her strong personalized understanding of addiction to facilitate an environment that is welcoming, warm, and effective to aid every client in the healing process. A strong believer in holistic and mindfulness-based programs, Brandee is passionate about striving for excellence in all aspects of services offered at Liberty House Recovery Center.

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