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Detox Center in Michigan

Helping You Overcome Addiction

What is Detoxification?

The first step for many addicts on a journey to recovery is detox. Our detox center in michigan provides this safe and effective process.  This vital step provides the body an opportunity to cleanse itself of any substances that may remain. It is an essential first step as it is difficult to fully immerse yourself in the drug or alcohol treatment process while still remaining under the influence of substances. While choosing to quit without support, also called quitting “cold turkey,” is indeed more straightforward, it is essential to remember that detoxing alone can be dangerous and often leads to relapse. This is especially true when detoxing from specific substances such as opioids and alcohol. The severity of the symptoms experienced during detox will range and vary from person to person. A wide range of factors influences the detox process, including the duration of your addiction, the type of substance or substances used, the level of use, and whether or not you have been through addiction treatment before and experienced relapse. 

Detox begins when someone struggling with addiction decides to stop using or drinking. During detox, your body must learn to function and sustain normal body processes without the influence of substances. While using or drinking, your body and brain become accustomed to turning to substances for specific results, emotions, or feelings. When substance levels get too low, cravings occur, causing the addict to drink or use again to satisfy a perceived need. Eventually, this process results in dependence on drugs or alcohol to function and complete day-to-day tasks. During detox, these cravings are not satisfied (regardless of intensity), resulting in detox and withdrawal symptoms. 

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