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Overview of Aftercare

Acknowledging a struggle with addiction is challenging. Depending on your unique relationship with substances, you may have been struggling for some time. Also, you may have shrugged off your difficulties to family, friends, and loved ones when they asked. For many, the realization they have an addiction does not come easy, if at all. But accepting the physical, social, and emotional impact substances have on you and your relationship with others is vital to beginning your journey to a healthy life without drugs or alcohol. Deciding to overcome addiction through addiction treatment is, inevitably, one of the most difficult decisions one must make as they begin their sobriety journey. Completing a comprehensive treatment program like Liberty House dramatically improves your opportunities for long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Your time in treatment is meant to be a time of self-reflection and self-discovery. 

Therapy programs, both traditional and alternative, help you learn about the issues that lie at the root of the addiction. They also allow you to examine and eventually change negative thoughts and behavior patterns that lead to maladaptive coping and possible relapse. But once treatment is complete, what are the next steps? Are you “cured” of your addiction? Do you go home and resume your former life picking up where you left off? Do your supports and services end? In short, no. 

Aftercare and the supports and services that are part of an aftercare program are integral parts of addiction treatment. Aftercare supports help someone recovering from addiction ease back into their day-to-day routine with a high level of essential support. Without comprehensive aftercare planning, individuals recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol can struggle with isolation, triggers, and other challenges related to the impacts on their lives essential to maintaining sobriety. These challenges and struggles can often lead to relapse, which occurs in forty to sixty percent of cases. Aftercare and relapse prevention education is crucial to preventing relapse and associated complications associated with relapse. 

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