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UHC Drug Addiction Treatment

UHC Drug Addiction Treatment
Center in Michigan

Millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse, never reaching out for help because they are worried about the costs. Others settle for a lower level of care, like traditional outpatient, when they really need something more involved, like residential, just because it is less expensive. 

If you or someone in your family is struggling with addiction, you can use your insurance benefits to cover some or most of the treatment costs. 

United Healthcare Insurance, or UHC, is one of America’s largest health insurance providers. They have a dedicated department for mental health services, including substance abuse and dual diagnosis needs. If you need help understanding your UHC Michigan rehab benefits, you can call UHC directly or let Liberty House do it for you. 

All calls are confidential, so don’t wait to ask for help. Call Liberty House today to learn more about luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Michigan.

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Treatment Services

Detox Center in Michigan

Heal your body from drugs & alcohol.
Safely detox from drugs & alcohol surrounded by expert medical staff.
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Residential Treatment

Treating your mind & spirit.
Our residential program offers you an escape from the chains of addiction.
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Unique Therapies

Truly individualized care, just for you.
We utilize effective therapies that focus on the root causes of addiction.
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Substance Abuse

Identify the signs & symptoms.
Explore the signs, symptoms & treatment options for drug addiction.
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Treating your mind & spirit.
Our residential program offers you an escape from the chains of addiction.
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Truly individualized care, just for you.
We utilize effective therapies that focus on the root causes of addiction.
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Michigan United Healthcare Drug Rehab Coverage

If you have a UHC policy, you can put it toward the costs of the following:

  • Residential Care
  • Detox services
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Dual Diagnosis Services
  • Medications
  • Therapy 

The type of plan you have will determine the extent to which your costs are covered and what limitations are imposed on your UHC Michigan rehab. For example, some of UHC’s PPO network policies require you to get help from an in-network treatment center or get a recommendation from your primary care physician. Liberty House works with UHC, so we can help you find the right United Healthcare Michigan drug and alcohol rehab services regardless of plan type. 

Federal provisions mandate all health insurance providers, including UHC, to provide basic coverage for mental health services and substance abuse treatment. 

Reach out to tour our UHC drug addiction treatment center in Michigan.

Short Term Coverage

If your policy does not offer the coverage you want for our UHC drug addiction treatment center in Michigan, you can buy short-term, a la carte plans specifically for substance abuse treatment. If you have a short-term policy, you will typically need to pay between twenty percent and thirty percent of the costs for treatment and appointments. 

Contact Liberty House Michigan United Healthcare Drug Rehab to learn more about our services and how we can help you use UHC benefits

Liberty House Inpatient Michigan United Healthcare Drug Rehab

Liberty House specializes in residential programs. These programs offer twenty-four-hour care with constant supervision. Our Michigan inpatient treatment center is most effective for people who have severe addictions, addictions to multiple substances, or co-occurring mental health disorders.

By residing full-time at your rehab facility, you can avoid temptations or stress that exist in your everyday life. You can also enjoy a stress-free environment during your initial recovery. Inpatient facilities give you support around the clock. 

We work hard to teach you healthy coping skills, prevent relapse, and help replace harmful behaviors with positive ones. What services you need to achieve these goals are highly personalized. Therefore, the therapies, medications, and services you receive are customized to your needs. 

UHC plans usually cover generic medications. However, the UHC drug addiction treatment center in Michigan may use additional prescriptions that require you to cover a prescription copay. This is an amount specific to your plan. 

Detox services may or may not be covered. However, some parts of detox are likely covered, such as prescription and over-the-counter medications used during detox. 

Liberty House is a licensed medical facility, so we can provide traditional detox and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addictions and alcoholism. 

All UHC plans cover mental health services. However, federal law dictates medications provided to manage mental health disorders and medical appointments for said disorders be covered. Some experiential therapies may not be covered by your plan, which means you have to pay for those out of pocket while the other costs are included. 

With Liberty House, we offer services such as medication management. This service matches you with a medical team responsible for overseeing any medications prescribed as part of your treatment. If the efficacy of said medications is not up to your liking, that same team can make changes as necessary. This ensures you have the most successful prescriptions to help with acute or chronic symptoms of things like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • ADHD
  • PTSD

At our UHC drug addiction treatment center in Michigan, you can participate in therapies like:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Experiential therapies
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy
  • Medication management
  • Mindfulness and medication
  • Yoga

Each policy will determine the number of therapy sessions UHC covers and where. 

Call our team today at 1-866-686-0319 to verify your benefits.

coverage length

Coverage Length for United Healthcare Michigan Drug and Alcohol Rehab

United Healthcare addiction treatment coverage generally covers up to ninety days at a facility and will pay seventy-five percent of your total costs. This means you only have to cover twenty-five percent out of pocket. 

Liberty House offers residential programs spanning from thirty days to ninety days. During your free, confidential assessment, we can recommend the most appropriate level of care for your needs and budget. 

Let Liberty House help you find the right UHC Michigan rehab. 

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How to Get Help

Addiction doesn’t take a day off and neither do we. Liberty House Recovery is available day & night to help navigate you through the pre-admissions process and your personal options for treatment at our program. We work with most major PPO & POS insurance carriers which can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment. 

1. Getting to Know You

Our first step is to get to know you and your personal situation. The best way to contact us is to call, text, chat, or via webform.

2. Free Evaluation

Once you reach out, one of our caring treatment coordinators will reach out to discuss your personal options in treatment.

3. Start Your Journey

Once we verify your benefits and coverage, our admissions team will help with everything you need to prepare for treatment at our program.

Costs for a UHC Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Michigan

Depending on your plan, Michigan United Healthcare drug rehab costs may include a copay and deductible. 

The copay is the amount you pay out of pocket per visit or per prescription. The amount is often listed on the back of your Priority Health card. You can also find it through your online portal or by calling Liberty House and letting our team help verify your benefits. 

Some policies waive the per-visit-copay for residential treatment, as the price includes those services. Other policies still require a per-visit-copay for specific therapies like individual psychotherapy. This is something we can help you determine during your assessment. 

Certain plans require you to meet your deductible before Priority Health steps in and pays for the rest. The deductible is inversely related to your monthly premium. If you have a more expensive plan, it will have a lower deductible, and vice versa. If you have to meet your deductible first, you can still apply some of your benefits to the costs of things like mental health therapy (usually for a limited number of visits) and medications or hospitalizations (for detox). 

This can be tricky to understand because how many things may or may not fall under the deductible requirement based on policy. That is why you should call our offices today and let our insurance experts help you. 

Let us help you change your story. Call us at 1-866-686-0319 to tour our UHC drug addiction treatment center in Michigan. 

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