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What is Alcohol Dependence?

Alcohol consumption is completely legal for people over twenty-one, and it’s often used to celebrate significant milestones, achievements, or other positive events. The general acceptance of alcohol in social settings can mask just how dangerous it is to consume alcohol regularly.

Without realizing it, even things as simple as regularly celebrating after work or on the weekends can lead to alcohol dependence.

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What is Alcohol Dependence?

Excessive alcohol consumption regularly can lead to dependence on alcoholism.

Alcohol dependence is what takes place when, should you substantially reduce or stop consuming alcohol, you experience withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms can include physical and psychological discomfort. Withdrawal can be so severe that many people, afraid of experiencing the symptoms, might continually consume alcohol to an excessive degree.

Continued alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol addiction, where you find yourself unable to stop or reduce your consumption no matter how much you might want to. At this level, you’ll continue to experience severe withdrawal symptoms should you quit drinking.

For that reason, it’s important to find professional alcoholism treatment that can get you through the withdrawal symptoms, whether you are at the stage of alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction.

Do I Need Help if I Only Have Dependence?

Being dependent on anything means you are physically or psychologically unable to function without that thing. So alcohol dependence is when you might believe you can’t function normally without drinking. 

If you are struggling with alcohol dependence, you might notice things like the following:

  • You choose to drink over family activities or workplace obligations
  • You know that drinking is causing you harm, but you still do it
  • You are afraid to stop because of the withdrawal symptoms you experience

Can Alcohol Dependence Lead to Alcohol Addiction?

If left untreated, alcohol dependence can quickly lead to alcoholism or alcohol addiction. If your body and mind become dependent on alcohol, eventually, you will reach the point where it becomes the biggest priority in your life, and you might recognize all of the harmful consequences, like depression or problems with your liver, but you won’t be able to stop on your own. 

If you think that you are struggling with dependence on alcohol, it’s important to speak to your doctor or a drug and alcohol rehab center that’s qualified to provide alcohol-specific care. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms can lead to serious complications that require professional monitoring, and quitting is not necessarily something you can do completely on your own or should do cold turkey.

Thankfully there are plenty of facilities that offer qualified alcohol treatment.

Alcoholism Treatment with Liberty House

If you are struggling with dependence on alcohol, you can start comprehensive alcohol rehab with detox services and residential treatment.


Alcohol dependence brings with it a serious risk of health complications during withdrawal. Therefore, it’s essential to receive professional Detox Services that include FDA-approved medication to reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and help you prevent relapse after detox.

As a licensed treatment center, Liberty House offers detox for alcohol dependence using medication-assisted treatment (MAT). 

After completing detox, you can move directly into the rest of your alcoholism treatment, complete with the following:

  • Dual diagnosis services
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

Residential Programs

If you are struggling with dependence on alcohol, our outpatient programs let you live on the premises throughout your treatment program. Whether you have received treatment before and are going through a relapse for alcohol addiction, or this is your first time reaching out for help, we can provide customized, person-centered plans.

When you choose Liberty House, we help you check into our treatment facility, after which you remain on-site while you receive your detox and the rest of your therapy. Inpatient programs have higher success rates than outpatient programs because you can extricate yourself from your daily life and focus exclusively on your recovery. 

A big part of your individual and group therapy sessions are to help you better understand alcohol addiction, remove the opportunity for triggers, and provide relapse education.


We also know that ongoing care requires access to resources and support groups after you have completed your residential program. Clients at our facility benefit from our comprehensive aftercare services, which give you education, resources for jobs, sober living, and education.

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