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How to Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Ann Arbor, Michigan

How to Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Ann Arbor, Michigan

Data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA) suggests that more than 9 million adults over age eighteen had a dual diagnosis in 2019. This means that approximately four percent of the population of the United States meets the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder and at least one mental health condition. Statistics indicate that up to half of the individuals who seek addiction treatment also meet the diagnostic criteria for a mental health disorder. Finding dual diagnosis treatment near Ann Arbor can be vital to a successful recovery.

When someone has a dual diagnosis (also referred to as a co-occurring disorder), they experience symptoms from two illnesses that are closely connected. While research does not prove one causes the other, having a substance abuse disorder or addiction can lead to harmful coping mechanisms and symptoms of new or worsening mental health conditions. Someone with a mental health condition may abuse drugs or alcohol to reduce the severity of their mental health symptoms. Unfortunately, self-medicating using drugs or alcohol leads to side effects, including new or worsening mental health symptoms.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

When you have a dual diagnosis, it means you experience symptoms from both a mental health concern and a substance use disorder. Most dual diagnosis conditions share similar (or the same) root causes, and many of the symptoms overlap. This connection makes it challenging, if not impossible, to treat one condition without addressing the effects the other has on your health. Suppose you have a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder. In that case, the best option for positive treatment outcomes is to choose a treatment program where skilled medical and mental health professionals understand the unique nature of dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment allows you and members of your treatment team to focus on all areas of your health (physical, emotional, and spiritual), providing the most comprehensive opportunity for recovery. While treatment of any kind can help reduce the severity and impact of your symptoms, failure to address your mental health and addiction treatment needs to place you at an increased risk of relapse.

What are the Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

As part of a dual diagnosis treatment program, you will work closely with your treatment team to identify and address symptoms of particular mental health conditions and the emotional factors that may have led to maladaptive and addictive behaviors. Substance abuse often develops from using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. Dual diagnosis treatment can help you learn more about the effects of self-medication with drugs or alcohol while teaching you safer and healthier coping strategies to use during treatment and throughout your recovery.

Medical and mental health treatment professionals at a specialized dual diagnosis treatment center in Michigan will utilize evidence-based traditional therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), in conjunction with alternative (holistic treatments) such as yoga, massage therapy, meditation, and nutritional to ensure the most comprehensive treatment program possible. During counseling, you will participate in one-to-one (individual), group, and family support sessions that address both your addiction and mental health treatment needs.

How to Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you or a loved one experiences symptoms of a substance use disorder and a mental health condition, dual diagnosis treatment is vital to ensure your best opportunity for recovery. Fortunately, the understanding surrounding dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder treatment has advanced. Today the medical and mental health communities support and understand the intricate yet unique nature of dual diagnosis treatment. Unfortunately, not all addiction treatment programs are equipped to address mental health conditions and vice versa.

At Liberty House Recovery Center, we understand that each person who experiences a substance use disorder or a mental health disorder (or both) experiences symptoms in their own unique way. Therefore, cookie-cutter treatment programs will not help our patients attain sobriety or maintain ongoing recovery. To offer the best opportunities for success, we work with each patient who arrives at our facility to create a program unique to them. 
Our caring and compassionate treatment team are here to help you take the first steps toward sobriety and a life free of addiction and mental health symptoms. Contact us at Liberty House Recovery Center today to learn more about dual diagnosis treatment and detox services in Ann Arbor.

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