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What Are the Benefits of Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers?

What Are the Benefits of Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers?

High-end treatment centers, sometimes called luxury treatment centers, usually conjure the idea of fancy rooms and liveried servants, but in reality, going to luxury alcohol rehab brings many benefits. 

What is Luxury Addiction Treatment?

Luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers are inpatient rehab facilities that feel more like a resort. You get personalized treatment from trained professionals, access to different forms of therapy and holistic treatment, and accommodations that make it possible for you to feel completely at ease and still enjoy privacy during your recovery. 

What Are the Benefits of Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers?

When you get help at high-end treatment centers, the scenery and backdrop to your luxury alcohol rehab make a significant difference. Many luxury rehab centers are located in pristine natural environments so that you can feel at ease during your recovery. They have better staff ratios, better treatment options, and a more comprehensive range of amenities to put you at ease. 

Better Staff Ratios

One essential benefit to luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers is the improved staff-to-patient ratio. Think of it like school: 

If there is one teacher for a large class of 30+ students, it is more likely that a struggling student will fall behind and stay there. But if the ratio is smaller, around 12+, then the teacher can dedicate more time to each student even if they struggle. 

The same applies to luxury alcohol rehab centers: the better the staff-to-patient ratios, the more likely each staff member will get to know you personally, know to help you, and give you the time and attention required throughout your recovery. 

Better Treatments

A luxury alcohol rehab is more likely to have vast resources, including:

  • Top therapists and medical professionals in their fields,
  • The latest therapies that give you the highest chance of success,
  • More one-on-one treatment hours are available.

High-end treatment centers might offer more holistic, evidence-based treatments in addition to psychotherapy, like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art therapy, music therapy, and more. Luxury facilities can work with you to provide alternative scheduling, too, so that you can keep up with work or personal responsibilities. 

Better Amenities

Luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers provide better amenities. For example, you might get a private room at a luxury alcohol rehab center, whereas in other treatment centers, you would share a room with two or more people.

Luxury alcohol rehab centers give you spaces and bathrooms so that you aren’t forced into a tiny room for all your grooming necessities. Extra comfort can come in the form of top-quality bedding, so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a scratchy carpet.

High-end treatment centers emphasize amenities like better quality linens, bigger rooms, and access to things like hiking, beautiful scenery, swimming pools, and more. Each of these things can contribute to your relaxation, peace of mind, ability to turn your attention inward, and, overall, your chance of success. 

Better Nutrition

Luxury alcohol rehab centers emphasize the importance of nutrition. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude and focus on your recovery if you are being served food that is poor quality.

Drug and alcohol abuse can damage your mind and body, making you susceptible to poor nutrition and subsequent immune system problems. That is why luxury rehab centers will have meals prepared by chefs. At a luxury alcohol rehab, for example, every meal you eat will taste good and provide you with critical vitamins and nutrients to rebuild the health of your immune system and improve your mood.

Does Insurance Cover Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers may or may not be covered by your insurance. Many top-tier providers except a handful of insurance providers, but the individual plan you have and the benefits within that plan will determine what percentage of your recovery is covered.

When you reach out to Liberty House, we can help you verify your benefits and come up with alternative payment methods in the event that some part of your recovery isn’t paid for by insurance.

Liberty House Recovery Center is a Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Michigan

Liberty House Recovery Center offers resort-style bedrooms with a high staff-to-patient ratio and expert support staff. We give you more flexibility when you schedule your sessions, a more comprehensive range of holistic treatments, and the ability to simultaneously treat mental health disorders and addiction.

We don’t fill our rehab center with as many people as possible. 

65% of residential rehab centers have over 120 patients every month. 

We limit ourselves to a much lower ratio so that you can access additional therapy sessions if you want them, increase privacy and individual treatment, and increase access to trained professionals. Contact Liberty House Recovery Center to access top-tier luxury alcohol rehab today. Liberty House Recovery is the best luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Michigan, offering comprehensive inpatient drug treatment and detox in Michigan.

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