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What Types of Drug Treatment Programs Are Available in Michigan?

What Types of Drug Treatment Programs Are Available in Michigan?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports nearly 22 million Americans aged 12 and older need help to overcome a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, fewer than 10% ever received the support they needed. For many, quitting drinking or using is impossible when trying to do so alone. Addiction is a disease, and like many chronic illnesses, it requires professional care at a specialized treatment facility to progress towards recovery. Understanding the types of drug treatment programs that are available is vital to finding the best program for you.

Acknowledging a problematic relationship with substances and deciding to commit to a drug treatment program is the first step toward healing. If you have started looking into rehab programs near you, you have likely noticed there are several options and program types to choose from. It is essential to consider the level of care and support you need before deciding where to go to rehab.

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How to Find a Rehab Program That Suits Your Needs

Finding a drug treatment center in Michigan that suits your needs is crucial to achieving lasting recovery. The “wrong” program or a program that does not provide the necessary treatment services will not help you address your treatment needs and achieve your recovery goals in the best way for you. The best way to ensure a program is right for you is to do your research and ask questions about potential rehab programs. Below are several ideas you can use to help find the right rehab.

Ask your primary care provider for recommendations

Talking to your primary care provider about your treatment needs may be the easiest way to find a professional rehab program near you. In addition to your primary care provider, you could talk to a mental health professional you know or currently work with. A medical or mental health professional can provide recommendations for treatment options that could work well for you and address your needs. Professionals working in the medical or mental health field often have a robust list of contacts both in rehab facilities and community services organizations.

Research local drug treatment programs

After developing a list of potential rehab program options, it is time to contact facilities directly to learn more about the benefits and services of each location. The details you learn during these conversations will help you determine which treatment program in Michigan will work best for you. Consider asking about:

  • Licensing and accreditations for both the facility and treatment staff
  • Partnerships with local health organizations, including hospitals and community support services
  • Credentials of the staff and the composition of treatment teams
  • Treatment programs and therapy models
  • Do they treat dual-diagnosis conditions
  • Family support
  • Aftercare planning
  • Accommodations and facility amenities
  • Cost and insurance benefits

What Types of Drug Treatment Programs Are Available in Michigan?

Effective addiction treatment provides a full continuum of care for each person in treatment. A continuum of care uses evidence-based therapies to address addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. A continuum of care also helps you focus on healing and recovery using a personalized treatment that meets your unique treatment needs and goals. A full continuum of care includes several treatment steps, including the following essential components.


During medically supported or medically assisted detox, medical and mental health staff provide continual (24/7) support to help manage withdrawal symptoms.

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Residential Treatment

At an inpatient treatment program in Michigan, you will live on-site at the rehab throughout your treatment program. During treatment, you will participate in a range of group and individual therapy.

 Aftercare Planning

Aftercare planning ensures you have a clear plan for ongoing group support, medical and mental health treatment after your primary treatment program ends. Aftercare is a vital component in relapse prevention.

Finding Individualized Treatment in Michigan

Our experienced, professional treatment team at Liberty House Recovery Center in Michigan understands recovery is not a one-step, cookie-cutter process. Addiction is more than a diagnosis. It is an illness that affects everyone it touches in unique and complex ways. For this reason, individualized treatment is crucial to achieving positive treatment outcomes. Beginning with your first phone call to our admissions team, we will work with you to develop a recovery plan based on evidence-based therapy models. From detox through treatment and aftercare, we are here to guide and support you as you focus on healing from addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our drug treatment center in Michigan.

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