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Why Choose a Residential Treatment Center For Substance Abuse


Multiple levels of care comprise addiction recovery treatment. The most structured and comprehensive is residential treatment. Choosing a residential treatment center can seem overwhelming when you look at nothing but the prospect of stepping away from your life for several months at a time, but doing so brings better benefits over a lower level of care.

Levels of Care

Residential or inpatient care is designed as a full-time treatment option. With this level of care, you reside at the treatment facility. You will be expected to follow a strict daily schedule during your time there. Having a reliable schedule with regular therapy sessions and services helps you build structure into your life and develop life skills and coping skills you can apply long after treatment.

Outpatient care is designed as a lower level of care intended for people who have already completed a residential program or have mild symptoms. Where residential care focuses heavily on individual therapy and a personalized approach, outpatient care focuses more on group sessions.

Why Choose a Residential Treatment Center

There are many reasons to get personalized help, but why choose a residential treatment center for your personalized help? With residential treatment centers, you get significantly more benefits compared to traditional outpatient centers, like personalized treatment, better amenities, and a wider array of services. 

More Personalized Treatment 

Individuals struggling with addiction need individualized service. Personalized treatment can be an integral part of recovery. Addiction affects everyone uniquely, and outpatient programs fall short of the personalized level of care many people need at the start of their recovery. 

Choosing a residential treatment center allows you more individual therapy sessions compared to an outpatient program that focuses heavily on group therapy sessions. With individual sessions, you have the opportunity to explore things that may have contributed to your addiction, review any personal triggers, and practice coping mechanisms that work for your situation.

By staying at a residential treatment center for several months, you can continue working with the same care team, including the same therapists. This is beneficial for clients and therapists alike because it affords both people the opportunity to develop a personal working relationship with one another:

  • The therapist has a chance to get to know you personally and better understand your circumstances, which helps to provide more individualized care. 
  • You get to build a trusting relationship with your medical team, including your therapist, and speak honestly about yourself, your upbringing, your mental health, and anything else that might help you in your recovery.

Better Services

Residential centers can offer dual diagnosis services that some outpatient centers cannot. When choosing a residential treatment center, you have access to a wider array of amenities. Facilities like Liberty House can give you a relaxing environment that is conducive to Inner Peace and tranquility. Not every client has that type of environment at home.

Moreover, when choosing a residential treatment center, you also have access to more therapeutic services and holistic modalities compared to many outpatient programs. Outpatient programs tend to focus on group sessions, so you might participate in group Twelve Step meetings or group cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, but with residential programs, you can participate in group or individual services like:

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Experiential therapy
  • CBT
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy

Choosing a Residential Treatment Center

Why choose a residential treatment like Liberty House? Because facilities like ours treat the mind and body as one. We specialize in addiction and recovery therapies that meet your physical, psychological, and holistic needs. Our treatment programs involve a combination of traditional Psychotherapy with alternative therapy.

Outside of traditional individual and group therapy sessions, you can participate in the following:

  • Mindfulness practices
  • Meditation
  • Adventure therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy 

We also understand the need to keep your body just as healthy as your mind, which is why a big part of any comprehensive recovery program at our facility addresses physical health through things like:

  • Physical therapy
  • Physical wellness education
  • Sleep and hygiene education
  • Stress management
  • Physical wellness and health programs
  • Health education
  • Disease education

Our facility is a leader in personalized treatment and provides better services and amenities to keep you as comfortable as possible. The longer you receive treatment, the better your chances of a successful recovery will be. Call our team today, and we can work with you to figure out which level of residential treatment is best. If you are ready, reach out to Liberty House today to learn more about our residential programs. 

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