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“You Will Receive the Help You Need Here!”

drug and alcohol rehab Michigan

I can honestly not say enough good things about Liberty House! This place truly saved my life, and I will be forever grateful for the EXCELLENT care and support I received while there. It is truly the BEST I have seen in Michigan. Dr. Abed and her daughter created this place out of a pure desire to help others struggling with addiction and are 100% not in this for the money. Dr. Abed went out of her way countless times to ensure that myself and other patients were comfortable, whether it was bringing in a cake and balloons for my son’s birthday, or driving hours back and forth to bring her dog in to a patient who was missing his pets.

Staff are clearly chosen carefully; every single one of them are kind, patient, compassionate, genuinely care and want to be there! Therapy, psychiatry, and other services are the best of the best. Dr. Ashley Casey is so thoughtful with her words and incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of addiction and mental health. Additionally, I have never had a psychiatrist with so much knowledge of addiction nor someone who took so much time and care with me. I have learned more in a month about myself, addiction, triggers, coping strategies and self-care then I learned in all the years of other therapists and programs I participated in before.

The house is luxurious, gorgeously furnished and so comfortable and staff ensured I had everything I needed. It truly feels like a home; everyone eats together and spends time together. I was never without someone supportive to talk to when I needed a listening ear. The grounds are beautiful, serene, and perfect for walks. There were so many amenities (gym, spa, sauna, yoga) to take advantage of. They were also wonderful and flexible about allowing me time to speak with and visit with my children and close family. Family Day, a day when family visited for lunch and to learn about addiction as well as participate in a family therapy session, was incredibly helpful. I was fully prepared when I left to take everything I had learned and apply it at home; not only that, I had a thorough discharge plan, outside services were arranged, and I had supportive people identified who could help. I highly, highly recommend Liberty House to anyone who is struggling with addiction. You WILL receive the help you need here! – Sara D., Former Client

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